Repromed Sibling Registry


Here are the 5 Steps to successfully complete the Registration Process.

Here are Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the ReproMed Sibling Registry and how can it be used?

A.  The ReproMed Sibling Registry is a site designed for parents who have conceived children from Canadian donors being offered from ReproMed Ltd.  Users may voluntarily register their children in a database that other users (who have also conceived children from the same donor) can access.  If a user wishes to make their contact information public, mutual communication may commence amongst families.


Q.  Who can register to use the ReproMed Sibling Registry?

A.  Any parent who conceived a child January 1st, 2002 and onwards using a Canadian donor being offered from ReproMed Ltd. 


Q. What if my child was conceived by a Canadian Donor from ReproMed Ltd. before January 1st, 2002?

A.  Access to the ReproMed Sibling Registry was launched in two phases: Phase 1 launch was for children conceived after January 1st, 2005; Phase 2 launch was for children conceived after January 1st, 2002.  We will update users when additional phases are planned. 


Q.  What is the cost of joining the ReproMed Sibling Registry?

A. There is a onetime fee of $135 (plus HST) to join.  These funds are used for the on-going maintenance of the site.


Q. What is the refund policy?

A. Refund will be issued if for some reason the sibling registration could not be completed. The refund amount will be equal to the registration cost minus $35 administrative fee.


Q.  Why must I supply supporting documentation about purchasing donor semen vials from ReproMed?

A.  In an effort to protect patient privacy, and to ensure the accuracy of the registry, ReproMed will make every effort possible to verify the details being submitted for registration.  Only users who have conceived a child from a specific donor will have access to their listing in the registry.


Q.  What if I have conceived two children from two different donors?

A. You will have access to two different listings in the registry, one for each donor.


Q.  How long takes it take to approve my access to the site?

A.  Please allow two to three weeks for the approval process.  In some cases it may take longer depending on the information recieved.  You will be contacted via email once access is granted. 


Q. What if I wish to keep my contact information private?

A.  Each user will have the right to make their contact information private or public to other users.  The goal of the site is to provide an online environment where families may interact if they wish to do so.


Q. How can I protect my information?

A.  Registered users may wish to make their email address “public” to other users.  If you wish not to be contacted by other participants, do not select this option in your account settings.  It is also advisable to use a generic email (for example ones registered at Hotmail or GMail) instead of using a work related email address.


Q.  How can the ReproMed Sibling Registry guarantee the accuracy of the registry?

A.  Though best efforts will be taken to verify the information provided by registered users, the ReproMed Sibling Registry can’t guarantee the accuracy of the registry.


Q. What if I don’t wish to register?

A. The site is completely voluntary to join or interact in.


Q. Can my children register on their own?

A. Children conceived through Canadian donors at ReproMed Ltd. will be able to register once they turn 18 years old.  The site does not have this functionality built as of yet.


Q. Can a donor register?

A.  Currently access to the ReproMed Sibling Registry is restricted to sibling donor parent only.